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Fire + Mineral Jewelry

Moldavite and Ruby Necklace 14K Gold

Moldavite and Ruby Necklace 14K Gold

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This necklace is handcrafted from 14K gold and a rare and high quality moldavite specimine. Paired with a 2mm ruby and comes in the chain length of your choice.

She walks out into the world her heart is fully open, awakened, and ready to receive. If you are truly ready to move forward on your path Moldavite is the ally to approach. Moldavite is a cardinal storm element stone. Storms represent massive transformation, cleansing, and change. This stone can propel you into the future like a hurricane. Resonance with moldavite can activate all chakras, especially the heart, you may begin to notice synchronicities start to occur more frequently and with higher significance, and dreams become more vivid and meaningful, it can aid when calling on your guides, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing can happen, jobs and relationships can change, meditations may deepen. These are all signs that you are walking your path to your highest truth, your authentic self. Moldavite is a talisman for spiritual awakening, protection, transformation, and evolutionary growth. Set your intentions, free your imagination, and allow the future to unfold as it will.

Keywords: Transformation, Spiritual Evolution, Chakra Activation, Cleansing, Protection, Synchronicities

Element: Storm

Chakras: All especially Heart (4th) and Third Eye (6th)

Affirmation: I open myself to transformation and I invoke the manifestation of my highest destiny.

Use this affirmation every day as you put on your necklace and at anytime you need a gentle reminder as your walking your path throughout your day. 

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