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Material: Sterling Silver

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Threader earrings are sleek, sexy and fun. Choose to let them dangle long or thread them through multiple piercings.

Handcrafted from your choice of high-quality Sterling Silver or 14K gold-fill
Bar dangles 2" and is 2mm wide

Feel good about looking good!
All Tiffany Anne Jewelry is made to order just for you with environmental responsibility in mind. we use 100% recycled metals from a US green-certified refinery, compostable post-consumer bubble mailers, and packaging and responsibly mined stones.

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What Customers are saying:

"I love these earrings so much! I was a little concerned about how the threading would feel going through my pierced hole, but it’s no issue at all. I love that there’s a hook at the “top,” so I don’t have to worry about threading too far, or the earring getting pulled back in the other direction. The length is great, too—just enough dangle without getting tangled up in my scarves. PERFECT!"