Cacao - Raw - Ceremonial Grade

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Size: 4 oz Bag

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Raw, organic, ceremonial grade cacao from Springs Cacao from Guatemala.

Beans are fermented for 10 days in a small wooden box on a diverse agroforest ecosystem. Nestled between coffee plantations and multiple fresh water streams. Springs cacao magnifies a deep bitterness with coffee and banana accents. 

-4oz Bags 4 Servings

-7oz Blocks 7 servings

- 1lb Block 12 servings

To Prepare:

Measure 1oz of coca per 8 oz water

Heat water below boiling point

Season with your choice of ginger, cardamon, cinnamon, tahini, cayenne, pepper, salt maple syrup. 

Learn more about the health benefits and how to use it in your own daily ceremony here


Kakow [kuh-kow]

Sustainable Cacao Distribution

Kakow partners with indigenous farmers around the world to deliver the highest quality organic, ethically sourced cacao. Creating a sustainable business model that is equitable for all. Revenue is evenly split by the farmers who grow and harvest the beans, the women's cooperatives that turn them into liquid magic, and our international partners who facilitate distribution.