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Amethyst Stalactites Slices - High Quality - Amethyst Flowers - 50 - 70mm

Amethyst Stalactites Slices - High Quality - Amethyst Flowers - 50 - 70mm

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Amethyst Stalactite Formation 

Amethyst Stalactites are rare and found only in a few places in the world. It takes millions of years for an amethyst stalactite to form. The amethyst crystals grow as a coating over agate or calcite tubes that have occasionally grown inside the geode during formation.

I handpick each one of these gems with reverence for their beauty and high vibrational energy. They are then cleansed and blessed with an affirmation to bring positive energy to your everyday. 

Keywords: Protection, purification, divine connection, the release of addictions. 

Chakras: Crown (7th) and Intuitive (6th) (Third) eye

Hardness: 7

Element: Wind

Affirmation: I am purified, uplifted, and protected through my connection with the divine. I am a divine expression of love. 

Try this: Place an Amethyst under your pillow or close to your bed to help encourage deep sleep and peaceful dreams. 

A stone of spiritual protection and purification. Amethyst is said to be a perfect stone for meditation to assist in elevating higher states of consciousness. Aligning us to our highest wisdom and spiritual connection. Often called the sobriety stone it’s said to help in releasing overindulgent behaviors and facilitate in creating an energetic shield of spiritual light that wards off negativity in one's environment. Its beautiful purple light and sweet loving energy make amethyst the perfect stone in any healer's toolbox. Amethyst is a beautiful stone to help remind us that we are the ones responsible for our own experiences and our co-creating capacity with the universe. 


Amethyst is a legendary stone prized for its beauty and energetic properties that can date back to at least 25,000 BC. The ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman societies considered amethyst a stone of royalty and it was often used in crowns, scepters, and the rings of bishops. Amethyst's name comes from a Greek word meaning “not drunken”. In an ancient Greek myth the god Bacchus, angry because of an insult, decreed that the first person he met would be eaten by his tigers. The unfortunate person happened to be Amethyst, on her way to worship at the shrine of Diana. When the tigers sprang, Diana transformed the girl into a clear transparent crystal. In remorse, Bacchus poured the juice of his grapes over the stone as an offering. Giving the gem its beautiful purple color. The Greeks believed that Amethyst would prevent intoxication, calm anger, and relieve frustrated passion. 

Amethyst has been used to offer protection, counter addictive behaviors and thought patterns, and lead to clarity and alignment to our highest good. It’s a stone with beautiful calming, healing energy and is the perfect stone as an offering to anyone who could use protection, loving energy, or guidance. 

Always remember the stone is just a messenger and talisman you are the one who holds all the power you need within. 

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