Welcome, I’m Tiffany Whipps, designer, curator and creator of Fire + Mineral Studios

Jewelry, gems and objects carefully curated and crafted to bring intention, beauty, and positive energy to your every day.

I believe we are the energy of the things we chose to adorn and surround ourselves with. The objects we chose to adorn our bodies and sacred spaces should be crafted with care and carefully chosen with intention. They are an extension of our creative expression and soul. I create and curate more than jewelry and beautiful objects for self reflection, body, and home. My mission is to create a mindful lifestyle movement. A world that believes in quality over quantity and sustainability over mass production. My hope is to bring you adornments and objects that serve as a talisman for their messages and help you connect to this energy, every day. 

I have deep reverence and respect for the natural world. When I’m not in the studio I can usually be found wandering the woods or on a river. This is why I’m passionate that all materials are responsibly sourced with the wellness of the planet in mind. I only work with suppliers that share my ethos of environmental, social, and economic responsibility. Stones are responsibly sourced from lapidary artists around the world. Metal is recycled and comes from a US-certified green refinery. I use post-consumer recycled and compostable packaging, and I’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree with every order you place. 

All of our designs are handcrafted with the reverence and belief that they connect the maker, the object, and finally the object's owner. From my heart and hands to yours sending you love, light and positive energy. 

Tiffany Whipps