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Connecting you to the earths energy and your highest self through stones, rituals, and gatherings.
Welcome, I’m Tiffany, a catalyst for sharing the wisdom of nature and connecting you to your highest self. Sending love, light and positive energy is what I do best. My modality for that has been through jewelry and my work as a Reiki practitioner. My journey to becoming a jewelry designer started with my great love for living in rhythm with nature and it's inconceivable beauty. I love that everything in nature has infinite wisdom. I wanted to help share its message and create a wearable talisman for you to carry through your day. 
In 2020 I was called to create something bigger and Fire + Mineral was born. This is a space that helps you along your life’s journey. From jewelry that serves as a talisman. Helping you connect to your highest self, commemorate transformation, and life's events. To ritual kits that take you on a journey of self-care and love. We'll travel the world together exploring lore and mythology of stones. Sacred traditions lore, and cultural connections. Meditation and healing practices. I'll be sharing this with you on the blog and virtual and IRL gatherings
I'm connected to nature, its energy, and making sure I'm practicing environmentally-friendly studio practices. How I source my materials is important to me. My jewelry is handcrafted from 100% recycled metals and responsibly sourced stones. All small businesses I partner with also live by the ethos of environmental impact and quality first. Everything is shipped in eco friendly, 100% recycled, and compostable mailing products. I'm committed to keeping the treasures of the earth in place so others can experience its beauty and share in its wisdom for years to come.
I hope you’ll continue on this journey with me. If you'd like to stay in touch please join me on the email list. Sign up below to get high vibes delivered to your in-box weekly.
With Love,