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We’re a high vibe studio for a life well lived. Raising the consciousness of the planet through commerce, events and retreats.

Hi I’m Tiffany, founder of Fire + Mineral. As a health and life coach I’m passionate about helping people live thriving, healthy, lit up lives! As a jewelry designer and artist, I’m passionate about supporting other artists that are on a mission to help make this world a better space for all. The same way fire came together with minerals to create the earth I’m combining my two passions to create a space that raises the consciousness of the planet. Welcome to the world of Fire + Mineral.

How you do one thing is how you do everything. Health is about more than what you eat. It’s an ecosystem and lifestyle. What we need right now is more healthy lit up people shining their light on the world and taking care of our planet. Give yourself a high five! By shopping here and committing to a healthier lifestyle you’re doing your part. How good does that feel? We’ve partnered with artisans that give back around the world and one tree planted to create an ecosystem of environmental and social good! Yep all you have to do to plant a tree and make change is shop!
You can deepen your healthy lifestyle practice by joining us at one of our events or retreats. We explore ways to live a lit up, healthy, limitless lives! 
We’re available 24/7 online and via our Brick and mortar in beautiful downtown Hood River, OR. We host classes, events and have a jewelry design studio where we can co-create a custom piece. Come visit the next time you’re in town. 11 3rd st. Hood River, OR 97031

I hope you’ll continue on this journey with me. If you'd like to stay in touch please join me on the email list. Sign up below to get high vibes delivered to your in-box weekly.