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Inspired by nature's continuous transformation and elaborate works of art. I design jewelry and objects for those who feel a deep connection and reverence to the natural world. The objects we choose to adorn our bodies and sacred spaces should be crafted with care and carefully chosen with intention. To reflect our own self-expression. My work is crafted with respect, care, and honor for the responsibly sourced materials it showcases. It is my honor to share the messages of the stones, animals, and plants with you. To transform them into talismans that elevate your everyday. Connecting the object, the maker, and finally the object's owner. From my heart and hands to yours.

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Timeless Jewelry. Made to Last.

Forever jewelry is the hotest trend in jewelry that's here to stay. Chose your chain, chose your charms have a piece of custom jewelry permenently welded and fit for you with no fussy clasps. The perfect way to say bffs forever. Join us for a forever jewelry pop-up or schedule your own private event.

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